Resolutions? Intentions? My guidance to myself in the new year

SharePinTweetAre you a New Year’s Resolution person?  Sometimes I am. This year, I made a list of things I want to focus on – not necessarily resolutions that I’ll beat myself up over if I don’t stick to or live up to my own standards, but sort of a list of intentions, to make sure …


Laundry: The good, the bad, and the surprising

SharePinTweet There are 14,233,064 posts about laundry on Instagram.  Actually, I made up that number, but I know it’s a lot.  #laundry alone has 2 million posts, and when you add in #laundryproblems, #laundrylife, etc. — you get my point — there is a lot of talk about laundry. What is it about laundry that …


NAVIGATING HOLIDAYS WITH FOOD ALLERGIES: What’s REALLY scary about Halloween and beyond

SharePinTweet  I should have posted this weeks ago in preparation for Halloween, but didn’t have a chance to write it until now.  The good news is that it doesn’t just apply to Halloween, but to all holidays, to any eating occasion, really — for a food allergy family. Today is Halloween.  Spooky, right?  What’s REALLY …


Bedazzled? Sure, why not? 5 simple ways to decorate pumpkins

SharePinTweetPumpkin spice latte, warm scarves, harvest-themed decorations, scented candles, mums, yada yada all the stuff we go crazy about during fall.  As excited as I was about my new fall themed throw pillows, though, my kids didn’t seem to care.  How dare they! Oh yeah — the kids.  They want some fun this fall, too, …

all you need for the best family vacation

All you need for the best family vacation

SharePinTweetAnother summer, another family vacation.  We head to Cape Cod every year and stay at the same place, with the same friends.  It’s tradition.  And I love it.  The kids have been there enough times now that they feel comfortable and confident walking around the resort, and they get so excited at the thought of …

Ten must-have lists for summer survival

TEN lists of TEN you can’t live without this summer

SharePinTweetI live for lists.  And I love ideas.  And sometimes summer survival is rough.  So here are ten lists of ten things — your MUST-HAVE reference guide for this summer.  And that’s it.  One of the simplest blog posts ever.  Enjoy!     10 Simple Summer Snacks So. Many. Snack. Requests. Fruit salad (make your …


Hey, obnoxious youth sports parents: LISTEN UP and SIMMER DOWN

SharePinTweetI’m not one to complain a lot.  But when my husband calls me from a kids’ hockey tournament and tells me about the competing team’s parents taunting my kid’s team (these are 8-10-year old players, by the way), shouting profanity, and being downright horrible role models, my blood boils.   So, here’s my uncharacteristic rant.  I’m hoping …

When a little bit of peanut sauce teaches a lot

When “just a little bit of peanut sauce” teaches a lot

SharePinTweetIt’s OK to watch them breathe. To just sit there, watching their tiny chests move up and down.  To feel their breath on your hand.  To ask them repeatedly to say the words, “I’m OK, Mommy,” just so you can be sure. That’s what I did on the way to the hospital tonight. See, my …