all you need for the best family vacation

All you need for the best family vacation

SharePinTweetAnother summer, another family vacation.  We head to Cape Cod every year and stay at the same place, with the same friends.  It’s tradition.  And I love it.  The kids have been there enough times now that they feel comfortable and confident walking around the resort, and they get so excited at the thought of …

Ten must-have lists for summer survival

TEN lists of TEN you can’t live without this summer

SharePinTweetI live for lists.  And I love ideas.  And sometimes summer survival is rough.  So here are ten lists of ten things — your MUST-HAVE reference guide for this summer.  And that’s it.  One of the simplest blog posts ever.  Enjoy!     10 Simple Summer Snacks So. Many. Snack. Requests. Fruit salad (make your …


Hey, obnoxious youth sports parents: LISTEN UP and SIMMER DOWN

SharePinTweetI’m not one to complain a lot.  But when my husband calls me from a kids’ hockey tournament and tells me about the competing team’s parents taunting my kid’s team (these are 8-10-year old players, by the way), shouting profanity, and being downright horrible role models, my blood boils.   So, here’s my uncharacteristic rant.  I’m hoping …


Double Digits Already? How I’m Making Moments Meaningful

SharePinTweetThis article originally appeared on Her View From Home  with the title “You May Be Growing and Changing, but You’ll Always Be My Baby.” You know how people change, but deep down, really, they don’t? This is my eldest son when he was 4 years old . . . and now.   Those curls! He’s still got them. …


Simple Resolutions Even a Busy Mom Can Keep (updated!)

SharePinTweetI originally published the post below on December 2017, and decided it was time to review it and see how I did.  I’m certainly a busy mom (I think parenting is busy no matter what!), so I wanted to see if I was actually able to keep up with my resolutions.  Read the below, and …


EASY, FAST DIY Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

SharePinTweetHalloween is fast-approaching, and you haven’t finalized the kids’ costume plans yet?  NO WORRIES!  I haven’t either.  We’re right now having the yearly battle over whether they can be something ridiculously scary or not (I say NO), or whether they should dress up as something creative and fun.  Whatever they decide, I know they’re starting …

Ball pit - the perfect gift for kids of all ages

10 reasons a BALL PIT was the BEST and WORST thing I’ve ever bought for my kids

SharePinTweetMy littlest love.  He’s my third and final baby.  And every year for his birthday, I struggle to figure out what to get him.  Not because I don’t understand him or “know” him, but because . . . well, it seems we already have everything, and I can’t imagine another toy entering my house. But …

Motherhood and Midlife Crisis: What I'd say to my younger self

Midlife and Motherhood: Where’s the crisis?

SharePinTweetWhat would you say to your younger self if you could send a message back in time?  Would you warn yourself of what’s to come, Celebrate what has been?  Share hopes and dreams for what may come next? A fellow blogger, Erin, at The Accidental Supermom, recently posted a note from her thirties-self to her twenties-self, …

The most awesome summer day, without even leaving the front yard.

How to have the MOST AWESOME summer day without even leaving your front yard

SharePinTweetI took the week off of work to spend with my boys — a little bit of fun, a little relaxation — wait, actually, relaxation never happens for me — a lot of laughs, some yelling, some tantrums, some timeouts, and a lot of mess.  We find fun in making messes sometimes — it’s liberating …