Outdoor play balanced with screen time is OK with me

In defense of screen time

Screen time for kids — it’s a topic of a lot of discussion, and often judgment, among parents. But with my kids up at 5am and a bedtime of 9pm, there are a lot of hours to fill. Screen time, among several other activities and boredom busters, can actually benefit them and fill their day with periods of education, relaxation, and fun.

snacks for kids

10 Easy Steps to Finding Snacks for Kids (snacks they’ll love!)

SharePinTweetSNACKS!!!!!!!!!! As parents, we’re all quite familiar with them, constantly bombarded with requests for them, and constantly on a quest to find just the right snacks for kids that they will love and that we feel good about giving them. We go up to Expert Level Parenting when we actually find one that all the …