How to help others

How to help even when you feel helpless

SharePinTweetMURDER HORNETS? Because a pandemic where people are dying and our lives have changed and we’re juggling work and schooling and the kids being home and some stuff being hard to get (toilet paper!!! frozen French fries!!!!) just wasn’t enough???? I get it. We’ve heard of killer bees. But somehow, “murder hornets” sounds so much …

snacks for kids

10 Easy Steps to Finding Snacks for Kids (snacks they’ll love!)

SharePinTweetSNACKS!!!!!!!!!! As parents, we’re all quite familiar with them, constantly bombarded with requests for them, and constantly on a quest to find just the right snacks for kids that they will love and that we feel good about giving them. We go up to Expert Level Parenting when we actually find one that all the …


Resolutions? Intentions? My guidance to myself in the new year

SharePinTweetAre you a New Year’s Resolution person?  Sometimes I am. This year, I made a list of things I want to focus on – not necessarily resolutions that I’ll beat myself up over if I don’t stick to or live up to my own standards, but sort of a list of intentions, to make sure …


Laundry: The good, the bad, and the surprising

SharePinTweet There are 14,233,064 posts about laundry on Instagram.  Actually, I made up that number, but I know it’s a lot.  #laundry alone has 2 million posts, and when you add in #laundryproblems, #laundrylife, etc. — you get my point — there is a lot of talk about laundry. What is it about laundry that …