The M.O.B. Connection

Picture this:  You’re at the park, and you see two moms meet for the first time.  Within a minute, they discover that they both have two daughters and no sons.  They joyously hug, instantly connecting.

Have you ever seen it?  Me neither.  I don’t think it happens.

But last week, I went to a business lunch in NYC and had the pleasure of meeting some new people.  One woman introduced herself, and within approximately 30 seconds, we had somehow both revealed that we were M.O.B.s.  “You only have sons?” she asked, excitedly.  “Yes, three of them,” I said.  And before I finished the sentence, she was hugging me.  That’s right — at a business lunch, just one minute after we met.  (I hope she’s reading this and smiling!)

That’s why I write about being a M.O.B.  There’s a connection — often instantaneous — among us, and we need to stick together.  I think motherhood in general puts people on common ground, and being a parent of any gender child is an adventure, but there’s something about being a M.O.B. that is just different.  What is it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Is it the whole Mars/Venus thing, and the fact that, maybe, we really do think differently from these little guys we’re raising?
Is it the energy level that never seems to max out?
Is it that theme I keep coming back to — that everything gets broken or ruined — not through intentional destruction but through destruction nonetheless?
Is it the astonishment of how much our different anatomy can play out in day to day life?  That they find so much joy in peeing outdoors?  And that it’s so easy for them to do?
Is it the fact that they seem surprised every time someone gets hurt wrestling, even though it happens every single time?

Is it the dirt?  So much dirt.  And mud?  So much mud.  And worms.  (They seriously give me the willies, so R makes a  habit of chasing me around the yard with them for a good laugh.)

Or is it the amazing balance of all these factors that boggle our mind, paired ever-so-sweetly with hand-picked dandelions or weeds and handmade “I love my Mommy” cards?   (Note: the one pictured here was E’s attempt at getting out of timeout.)

Whatever it is, it’s strong and it’s real and it’s fun.  Cheers to the M.O.B.s.  Let’s stay connected!
It looks like they’re about to pee, but they’re looking for frogs . . . which give me the willies as much as worms do.

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