How to Raise Secure Boys: Let them be Themselves!

Raising secure boys, *even* without sports!

“You must be sooo busy with all your boys’ sports!”  It’s a comment I get often as a mom of three boys.  But I have to admit, it annoys me!  Fact:  Not all boys are into sports.  Fact:  There are gazillions of other interests in the world that can help develop boys into smart, well-adjusted, strong, active, social, kind humans.  Fact:  My sons do a mix of these things, and I’m super-proud to support their interests, whatever they may be.

So many of my friends spend their weekends driving their kids – both boys and girls – from activity to activity to sports practice to game after game after game.  Until recently, that wasn’t quite my life, and I was ok with it.

       This is an excerpt from my guest post on Mama in the Now.  Click here to READ MORE!


raising secure boys can be difficult in today's world -- just let them be themselves
How to Raise Secure Boys – let them be themselves

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