5 tips for parenting in a scary world


You’ll hear a lot about my family in this blog.  So you might as well get a glimpse of who these little guys really are.

Meet R:  Born with a devilish sparkle in his bright blue eyes, and a smile that can light up the world.  Lucky for me, that smile is also a dead giveaway when he has said something not-quite-truthful or done something a bit out of bounds.  He’s the eldest — teetering on the edge of being a rule-follower in the company of his brothers but a button-pusher on his own.  He’s a jokester and “quite a character,” as my own mom has always called me.  He’s constantly creating, building, constructing, and I can’t wait to see what he will bring to our world.

Meet E:  Bald until he was 2 1/2 years old, this guy now has a mop of red curls on his head, and the feisty personality to go with it.  The most expressive face I’ve ever encountered, coupled with the loudest voice I’ve ever heard (seriously, he has no volume control), this middle child can go from laughing to sobbing in one second, and from drumming wildly to being sacked out on the couch in less than that.  He is filled with kindness and a case of the sillies.

Meet D:  This little boy with intoxicating brown eyes truly stole my heart.  Sweet and funny, strong and fast, you’ll find him cuddling with me on the couch one moment and climbing on top of the kitchen table a split second later.  He’s learning more and more words every day, and is busy learning the ropes from his brothers.

And, of course, meet Brad:  The red-headed hubby who balances out my stress with a generally relaxed attitude, and who keeps us laughing day and night.