“Everything will be ruined . . .”

One of the things I loved about growing up in my house was how my mom had special decorations for each season.  Pumpkin pictures went up in October, snowmen in December — you get the idea. 
I’m a working mom, and one who doesn’t always have the chance to get the house “set” just the way I want it.  But I recently started doing what my mom always did — adding special hints of the season in hopes that my boys will remember these little touches when they’re older.
Here’s my most recent bit of flair for the house:  A floral placemat to welcome spring.  It sits in the center of our kitchen table, and our napkin holder rests on it.  If you look very closely, you’ll see creases from when my boys folded it into an airplane and flung it across the room . . .
It was a good reminder of some of the best M.O.B. advice I’ve received to-date:  As the mother of boys, “everything will be ruined.”  You just need to roll with it.  It’s often not intentional destruction, but rather the result of turning one activity or object into another.  And then throwing it, of course.  That will be the theme of a future post, so start thinking of the unlikely/unexpected things your own boys have ruined — I can’t wait to hear the stories.
Off to iron the placemat . . . (Just kidding.  Who has time for that?  It will just get creased again tomorrow.)

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