easy diy stem kit for kids

Easy DIY STEM kit (the easiest!)

Great gift or activity idea for hours of fun exploration and creativity! Just a simple list of items you can easily find at the grocery store, lots of curiosity, and you have the perfect, easy DIY Stem kit for kids.

The real reason why back-to-school 2020 feels different

Sure we’re going back to school during a global pandemic, with all new protocol on masks and social distancing . . . but there are other reasons it feels different this year. After so much togetherness, it’s hard to be apart.

redefine self care for yourself

That time I tried self care and then redefined it for myself

Self care doesn’t have to be a massage and spa day. It is whatever you make it — whatever makes you feel like you’re caring for YOU. Here’s how I redefined self care for my very own self.

Outdoor play balanced with screen time is OK with me

In defense of screen time

Screen time for kids — it’s a topic of a lot of discussion, and often judgment, among parents. But with my kids up at 5am and a bedtime of 9pm, there are a lot of hours to fill. Screen time, among several other activities and boredom busters, can actually benefit them and fill their day with periods of education, relaxation, and fun.

they grow so fast

The complicated beginning of letting go

This is the behind the scenes look at letting go. No, not quite that. I guess it’s the behind the scenes look at beginning to let go, and not knowing how, and not wanting to, but also realizing the beauty of it, which is more than the sorrow, but mourning the changing chapters, and wanting …

Coping in quarantine: “Why am I so tired?” and other pandemic problems

Feeling all the feels, from stress to anxiety to loneliness, are making me TIRED! Read for an explanation of these feelings and a list of ways to get through it all.

How to help others

How to help even when you feel helpless

MURDER HORNETS? Because a pandemic where people are dying and our lives have changed and we’re juggling work and schooling and the kids being home and some stuff being hard to get (toilet paper!!! frozen French fries!!!!) just wasn’t enough???? I get it. We’ve heard of killer bees. But somehow, “murder hornets” sounds so much …

sweatpants for boys

Maybe Sweatpants Today

Boys are easier than girls, yada yada yada, less emotional drama, and they don’t care as much about fashion . . . Those are all things I hear A LOT as a mom of three boys. OK, it’s true my boys don’t care about accessorizing or being dressed to the nines, but the opposite can …

hockey mom tips

Hockey Mom Tips: All you need to know from hockey moms who have been there

When does hockey season end?  People ask me that a lot. Is it never?  I think it’s never.  Here we are in my son’s second season as a hockey player.  He is having SO. MUCH. FUN and is learning so much – new skills, faster and more precise skating, more rules of the game.  He …

snacks for kids

10 Easy Steps to Finding Snacks for Kids (snacks they’ll love!)

SNACKS!!!!!!!!!! As parents, we’re all quite familiar with them, constantly bombarded with requests for them, and constantly on a quest to find just the right snacks for kids that they will love and that we feel good about giving them. We go up to Expert Level Parenting when we actually find one that all the …