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Things Parents Say: 15 (More) Things I Never Knew I’d Say While Raising Boys

Things parents say.  We rolled our eyes at our parents while we were growing up, and now we say some of the same things they said to us.    But we also say things we never could have predicted, never expected.  Especially if you’re a M.O.B., like me.  Here are 15 more* things I never knew I’d say as a parent (I still can’t believe I had to say some of these!):  *See 15 others from last year!

  1. THIS is how you wash your butt
  2. Take your foot out of your cereal bowl
  3. Please stop licking your knee
  4. Get that cracker out of your butt.  (Kids: “Ewwww, I almost ate the buttcracker..  Get it?  Buttcrack . ..er”)
  5. Why am I the only one in this house who prefers to wear underwear at all times?
  6. We don’t cook naked
  7. I swear to you that you will have a much more successful life with more friends and less sickness if you stop eating your snot.
  8. No, we will not eat dinner in the bathtub
  9. We don’t answer the front door naked
  10. Let’s go see if your brother needs help getting off the toilet
  11. Put your penis away and go brush your teeth
  12. Just because you didn’t feel any farts or hear any farts doesn’t mean you didn’t fart
  13. Popsicles were not invented for you to draw with them on the wall!
  14. Take the Cheerios out of your nose
  15. Stop playing penis tag.  Penis tag is NOT a thing.

What unexpected thing have you said as a parent?  I’d love to know I’m not alone in this!


“Things Raising Boys: 15 Things Parents Say That I Never Knew I’d Say


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