Learning to Blog: What “just another mommy blogger” has learned two years in

IMAGINE if I had never started this blog.  Would it have mattered?  I suppose not, in the grand scheme of things.  Did the world really need another mommy blog?

In the little part of the universe where I wanted a creative outlet, wanted to connect with other moms, other M.O.B.s, other bloggers, and wanted to learn some new skills, YES, it would have mattered.

I haven’t made it big as a mommy blogger in these past two years (though that wasn’t quite what I had set out to do).  But I also haven’t given up, and I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, have found it helpful — with tips/tricks, relatable stories, and lots of laughs.  I’m going to shoot for year 3 now with the goal of growing my audience.  (Shameless plug: You can help!  If you like what you read, spread the word and share the blog.)

Though it’s hard to fit in blogging sometimes while balancing motherhood, family life and a corporate career, I find it rewarding and fun.  Here’s what I get from it:

  • A detailed catalog of memories and stories that capture my kids’ childhood
  • An online journal of sorts, that holds reflections and perspective from this time of my life
  • So much learning (with soooooo much more learning to do!) and new experiences with things I didn’t even know about 2 years ago (think Canva, SEO, WordPress, Pinterest-ready images, tags, keywords, social share groups, blogger networks, affiliate links . . . the list goes on!)
  • New “friends” in the blogger/writer/social media space.  Special thank you to:
    • Jaclyn at Coffee, Pancakes, and Dreams for the support, comments and connection
    • Jen, at Productive and Pretty, for helping me get started
    • Lauren, from The Fifth Trimester, for telling me years ago “Maybe consider a blog?” when I told her about an idea I had for a book, and for letting me bounce random ideas (often bad ideas) off of her
    • Jermaine, for letting me peg him with questions, and for his patience as he shares his expertise in a manner even a newbie can (most of the time) grasp
    • The many social media blogger groups, with a special call-out to I’m So Blogging This for the great support and learning opportunities
    • A chance to discover new favorites of my own, like Mom Wine Repeat , Our Tiny Nest , Hashtag Life With Boys, and so many more!
  • And, last but certainly not least, the thrill of IMAGINING I could do something, and then going after it and doing it.

Imagine what you could do, too!  And always dream big.

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, M.O.B. TRUTHS, and here’s to many more!

Learning to blog.

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