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A fun, new family game that even gets my tween to ditch the screens

We don’t have a dog, but we sure have a lot of Yard Doodie.

Yard Doodie in the morning.  Yard Doodie after school.  Yard Doodie at night.

Wait, what?  Yeah, we’re kind of addicted to Yard Doodie right now.  It’s one of the new games from Henhouse Games, and it is so much fun.

Whether you’re a household like mine that is, admittedly, pretty open about poopy talk at times when it’s not completely inappropriate (yes, my kids have manners; yes, they are polite in public, in school, etc.; but yes, they sometimes say “shart” or make potty jokes at home), it’s a fun family game (2-5 players) that I think you’ll love, too.

At first glance, it’s a silly game about putting dog doodie (don’t worry, they’re just playing cards) onto your opponents’ yards.  But after playing just once, you’ll quickly realize the creativity, strategy, and even math that’s involved.

Hilarious Dog Names:

From Poo Poo Pugly (the pug card, of course) to Gunner Goldentoots, the dogs’ names alone will bring smiles to the kids’ faces.  Not bad for reading practice pronouncing big words, either!

Work those strategic thinking muscles:

Each dog card has a point value. But, depending on whether you play the dog card by itself or in pairs or threes, a lot of strategic thinking comes into play.  Playing a Poo Poo Pugly alone, for example, let’s you toss 2 poops onto another player’s yard.  But playing two Poo Poo Pugly cards together doesn’t double that . . . it gets you three poops total.  I was amazed at how quickly even my first-grader picked this up and learned when to play cards by themselves vs. waiting for pairs or threes.  combined point value increases. 

The coveted Louie Longturd:

Hold onto your Louie Longturd cards.  Zero points on his own, an amazing four poops as a pair, and – wait for it – SEVEN poops if you have three of them. 

Fun family game … really … for the whole family:

If you need a snowy day or rainy day activity, something to occupy the kids on their own, or just a new fun family game for Family Game Night, try this!!!! EVEN MY TWEEN WILL PLAY THIS (i.e. puts down screens, stops playing Xbox!) and enjoy it, along with his first-grader brother. Finally a game everyone in the family equally enjoys.

Not into doodie games?  Check out any one of the equally creative, fun family games from Henhouse Games.  We’ve tried Not Your Grandma’s Go Fish and Checkers (you build the board as you go!) and are so happy to have these fresh, new games rotated into our family fun.

The best part?  These games were created by families for families.  Creativity started flowing with quarantine in full force . . .  these families wanted something new to pass the time and wanted to foster interaction rather than isolation.  Voila – Henhouse Games was born, and I’m so glad it’s here for us all to enjoy.

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