Join me as I find my way (laughing) as the mother of boys

Join me as I find my way (laughing) as the mother of boys

This is me.  My favorite outfit growing up was a flowered cotton skirt with a bow in my hair.  I was a dancer, I played house and school and store and doctor and hair salon.  I loved pink, flowers, ruffles, dolls and ribbon barrettes.  I was, in retrospect, a girly girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved to play catch with my dad, watch some sports on TV, and I had a ton of Matchbox cars.  But if  I had to classify myself, I’d say that, at the core, I was a girly girl.  I had one sister and no brothers.  Girly was the world I knew, and therefore, what I always assumed I’d have. 

Fast forward a few decades, and I am the proud — albeit frazzled and sometimes clueless — mother of THREE BOYS.  Parenthood is uncharted territory for all, and we learn as we go, but to say being a Mother of Boys is an adventure I never expected is an understatement.  Join me as I figure it out as I go.  I hope to share with you my experiences, views, hopes, fears, expectations and hilarious realities (including the “if you had one, you’d understand” excuse my husband gives me for many of the boy behaviors that are puzzling to me), and I hope to learn from yours, too.  The M.O.B. must stick together!
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