baby stroller

Stroller for Sale

Stroller for Sale

Best Baby Stroller for sale. Maybe someday.
Stroller for sale . . . but not really

It’s so hard to believe my baby — my littlest love, my last baby — is turning 4.  Take a look back at this post from last year.  Here’s a not-so-well-kept secret — I still have that stroller, and he still likes to ride in it sometimes!  WIN for me!  Enjoy this blast from the past:

The stroller.  A necessity for moms of young kids.  But one that lingers just a few years and then moves on, like the crib and the exersaucer.  A month before my youngest turned 3, I realized I soon may be done with strollers.  “Freedom!” I thought at first.  But I quickly reconsidered.  Aside from the amazing convenience the stroller provides for carrying extra bags or snacks or jackets, I realized that when I walk anywhere without it, I feel naked in a way.  I guess it carries my heart — it defines me as a mom of young boys — and the day I need to get rid of it will be a hard one because I’ll be parting with more than what it seems at face value.

Stroller for sale
a little tattered and torn
from carrying my three sons
after each one was born

From newborn to infant
to toddler to boy
this stroller has given me
so much joy

Stroller for sale
more like a time machine
Strolling through memories
of the places we’ve seen

Cold, early mornings
hot afternoons
Looking at clouds
making up tunes

Stroller for sale
Kids getting too big to ride
I still keep them with me
They walk by my side

Stroller for sale
No, forget it, it’s mine
It carries my heart
And there’s no price for time.

Best Baby Stroller for sale. Maybe someday.
Stroller for sale . . . but not really

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  1. Toni Marie says:

    My favorite one yet. (Sniff, sniff).)

    1. Awww, thanks. Sniffle sniffle.

  2. This tugged at my mama heart ?

    1. Mine too! I was weepy when I wrote it! ❤️

  3. Awww, it’s just crazy how fast time flies! Sweet and touching post!

    1. Thank you!!! ?

  4. Teared up for sure!

    1. Awwwww

  5. What a post. As I am about to have my third, this definitely brought the tears.

    1. Awwww, I know. I honestly can’t believe how fast it goes! Congrats on your upcoming third! Cherish every moment!

  6. I hear you mama, my youngest are 8 and I have a hard with them growing up.

    1. So hard, but also so wonderful! Parenting is way more complicated than you expect, right? So many emotions!

  7. What a great (and touching) poem!

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Awwww so sweet! Mine still has awhile to go with her stroller but I am already having a tough time with some of the things that I really should be either putting or giving away! Oops! ?

    1. It’s so hard!

  9. Aw, strollers ARE time machines! Thanks for this lovely way to start my morning.

    1. Aww, thanks! So glad you liked it. I think I’ll keep that time machine forever!

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