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Exercise Routine for a Busy M.O.B.

Exercise?  Hmmmm.  Since I have zero time to myself (ok, maybe 20 seconds of free time each day), I have trouble finding time to exercise.  I tried the awesome “Couch to 5k” running app last year, but my neighbor and I (she’s also a working mom) could only fit it in around 5am (think dark, cold, crazy).  While it was certainly invigorating and awesome to have such a sense of accomplishment by 5:30am, it reminded me I’m not so good at running.  Or exercising, really.

But I have three sons.  And I’ve decided that counts as my exercise for now.  It keeps me on my toes, and on my bum on the floor, then up again chasing them, then running around the house with spray cleaner to wipe up spills and pee and who knows what else, then getting up and down at least 10 times during dinner as they call out “May I have more milk?*” or “May I have a spoon?*” and I do laps of the kitchen as a short order cook to get them snack after snack and drink after drink even if it’s less than an hour after a meal (Boys are hungry!  It’s true!).  Not to mention the cardio workout of chasing D to get dressed.

Take that, morning exercise routine.

*Note: my kids almost never speak this politely when asking for things, but I’ve chosen to portray them today like well-polished young men to boost my confidence as a successful parent.  😉

parenting as exercise
Morning Exercise


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