Bedazzled? Sure, why not? 5 simple ways to decorate pumpkins

Pumpkin spice latte, warm scarves, harvest-themed decorations, scented candles, mums, yada yada all the stuff we go crazy about during fall.  As excited as I was about my new fall themed throw pillows, though, my kids didn’t seem to care.  How dare they!

Oh yeah — the kids.  They want some fun this fall, too, and not just in picking out a Halloween costume (and then changing their minds 14 times between October 10 and October 30).

So, aside from all the fall fest and pumpkin-bread-baking we’re doing when we can squeeze it in, here are 5 keep-it-simple pumpkin-decorating ideas bringing us together for a little fall family fun.

Paint them:

It’s that simple.  I love using the bright colors from Apple Barrel acrylic paints.  No two painted pumpkins are the same — this is a great activity for kids to express creativity and get a little messy, too.


So simple

Bedazzle them:

A shiny pipe cleaner here, some jewel stickers there, and voila!  The most glamorous little pumpkin you’ll ever see..  If you’re feeling extra daring, apply some glue with a paint brush around the stem, and sprinkle glitter over the top of the pumpkin.  Just be prepared to still be finding random specks of glitter throughout your house until at least Valentine’s Day.

Make pumpkin people:

Use stickers, or glue-on construction paper pieces to create all different goofy pumpkin faces!  Or, a little bit of glue, some googly eyes, and some accents from a permanent marker.

Send a message:

It does not get simpler than this:  Get Sharpie.  Write message.  The only other thing you need is a steady hand.  These are a festive little way to bring cheer to someone’s day — think after-school surprise, a gift for a neighbor or a teacher, or even a good conversation starter as a dinner table centerpiece.

Sunflower arrangement:

Speaking of centerpiece, buy yourself some sunflowers, and surround the vase with sunflower-painted pumpkins!  Just a quick ring of black pain around the top by the stem, and then yellow ovals for the petals.  Super-easy, super-cute.

Which one are you going to try?

My favorite things about these ideas are:

  • They are so simple and can be done quickly if needed
  • They are good for all ages
  • They are a perfect “station” to have at a fall party, kid’s birthday party, etc.
  • They’re festive
  • They bring people together for a fun, stress-free activity

Send me pics of how your pumpkins come out!




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