Ever wonder if a full roll of toilet paper would fit in your toilet? I know the answer.

Boys and messes go hand in hand.  This one made me laugh.

Look, Mom!
Look, Mom!

Look, Mom!
It’s amazing how fast kids can get things done when they set their minds to it.

Like cleaning their room?  No, not like that at all.
Like doing homework?  Nope, not in my house.
More like dumping out an entire bin of Legos or unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet in less than half a minute, then greeting Mom with shoulders shrugged and a big, satisfied, proud smile.

What’s the most rascal-ish thing your sons have done in seconds flat?#rascal #motherofboys #mommiesofboys #mobtruths

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  1. I realy love the post about toilets’ information.

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