Encouraging creativity in children

How to encourage creativity in children

If you know me at all, you know I thrive on creativity and love to foster creativity in children as well.  Since I was a wee little girl I’ve been writing books, poems and songs, doing arts and crafts projects, and launching small businesses during elementary school in the playroom of my house.  Creativity comes …

A day at the mall playscape

There is a lot of racial bias in our country still. But there shouldn’t be. We should teach our children — and learn from them as well — to judge people on character, not appearance, not color. This day at the playscape was a precious example of people having pure fun and uniting in a common experience. As it should be.

Get Messy for Summer Fun with Boys

SuperMOB, Supporter of Mess: 5 Summer Fun Activities for Kids Hey, Mothers of Boys!!!  Looking for summer fun for kids?  Let them get messy with a “Sensory Safari!” We’ve already established that boys and messes go together.  You know those days when they’re so covered in dirt that you just want to hose them down before …