Stroller for Sale

Stroller for Sale

Stroller for Sale

Stroller for sale. Maybe someday.
Stroller for sale . . . but not really

The stroller.  A necessity for moms of young kids.  But one that lingers just a few years and then moves on, like the crib and the exersaucer.  A month before my youngest turned 3, I realized I soon may be done with strollers.  “Freedom!” I thought at first.  But I quickly reconsidered.  Aside from the amazing convenience the stroller provides for carrying extra bags or snacks or jackets, I realized that when I walk anywhere without it, I feel naked in a way.  I guess it carries my heart — it defines me as a mom of young boys — and the day I need to get rid of it will be a hard one because I’ll be parting with more than what it seems at face value.

Stroller for sale

a little tattered and torn

from carrying my three sons

after each one was born


From newborn to infant

to toddler to boy

this stroller has given me

so much joy


Stroller for sale

more like a time machine

Strolling through memories

of the places we’ve seen


Cold, early mornings

hot afternoons

Looking at clouds

making up tunes


Stroller for sale

Kids getting too big to ride

I still keep them with me

They walk by my side


Stroller for sale

No, forget it, it’s mine

It carries my heart

And there’s no price for time.

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